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    Unable to use ATI 6870 Cards with my Intel DP67BG


      I just built a new computer. I got the Intel DP67BG board a Intel i7 2600K, 850w power supply, 16gb of ddr3 1600, Corsair H70 Hytachi 2tb hdd, Windows 7 Pro 64bit.


      When I put everything togeather I turned on the computer and I would get the error EB or E6 whatever it is on the boards LED. My monitor would not turn on. I unplugged my monitor let it sit for a bit and tried again and nothing. I tried all the video out ports on the video card still nothing. So I went and returned the video card and got the same 6870 card but one made by Diamond. Thinking I had a bad first card or the board didnt like the Asus version of the card. So this time when i put in the new Diamond ATI 6870 I started to get beeping from the mother board speaker. I looked up the error code and Its cant initalize video error. So I took my old video care a ATI 3870 card from my old computer popped it in and everything started to work. My monitor turned on i got video. I then installed windows got it all up to date updated the boards bios through the intel desktop software then popped the ATI 6870 card back in and nothing. Still got the video error beeps from the board. I then returned the ATI 6870 and bought a new Nvidia 470 card I put that in and I got video and everything worked perfectly.


      Now I was using the default bios settings I made sure back to bios switch was off. I used the jumper to reset the bios everything I could think of. I did not pull the battery. That was the only thing I didnt try.