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    ? How do we configure the ip address for both adapters if we are using static ip addressing.


      We have a Dell Poweredge 700 using it as a e-mail (IMail) server). OS is windows server 2003. We currently are utilizing the onboard 1000 gig network adapter however the server had at one time used the Pro/ 1000 MT dual port server adapter which is still installed but both adaters are disabled. We use static addressing for our network which uses the imail server as the DNS server at the clients machines. The onboard adapter is configured for and the DNS addresses provided by our ISP. I would like to know how or if I can utilized the Dual port adapters and if so how do I configure them using a static ip address. I am sure I can't use the same ip address for each port or adapter on the Pro/1000 MT card.

      I searched for similar postings however I didn't find any.

      Jim Lysaght