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    Power Readings


      Hi, All,


      I am interested in finding power consumptions for the cores in SCC and

      I found the SCC performance meter widget has a power reading.

      After looking into the source code for the widget, I guess the power reading

      is obtained from the BMC command: status. The command shows the following lines:



      Primary supplies:


      Secondary supplies:
        3V3SCC:    3.296 V   14.356 A


      Tertiary supplies:


      And the widget multiplys the voltage and current from the information of the above lines.

      I was wondering what is this power for? Is it for the 48 cores or it is for the whole system

      including the mesh, memory, etc? If it is for the whole system, is it possible for us to get

      the powerconsumption for the cores alone?


      Thank you very much for any help!