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    Heat Sinks


      I am about to build a computer for the 1st time. I have done a lot of reseach on the parts I need, but I was wondering if a heat sink comes with the cpu (i5 2500k) or is it something I pruchase separately.


      Thanks for any help.

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          BOX version of CPU comes with a heat sink. You need to purchase it seperately only when you get OEM.

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            If you purchase the processor without the heatsink, you can purchase upgraded versions at local electronics stores. The main criteria to look for is "does the heat sink discipate the heat efficiently"? Aluminum cools quickly and efficiently. Copper only tranferes heat bit cools slower than aluminum. Also, be sure that your cooling fan is strong and of good quality. It's sad that some folks put a $5 fan atop of a new $500 processor. Again, quality first...especially given a good fan only costs about $39.

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              Look at the Cousair (  H-70 )  It's H2O , and very well built , keeps my Xeon at 38C all day long.