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    2nd Gen Core i5-2500 HD Graphics 24p?


      Can the corresponding CPU perfectly execute bluray 24p format in 1920x1080 resolution. I have heard that it can't for now. Is there a fix coming?

      I'm insterested of buying it if it suits htpc purpose. Motherboard would be Intel H67 matx board and Vista 64bit for OS.

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          Where can I see resolution/bit depth & refresh rates which this cpu can put out? Anybody tested that it displays 1080p24 format ok? How hard can it be to enable this or is it something so different to "normal" display formats. I'm looking for a compact htpc solutions that can produce jitterless bluray support. This cpu would be excellent candidate if it does proper support for 1080p24.

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            NO IT WILL NOT.  Intel did not correct the 23.976 hz hardware problem in Sandy Bridge processors as promised.   They are now promising a fix in the 2012 Ivy processors I believe.  The bug is now "better", repeated video frame every 4 or so minutes now, but worse is that the audio lip-sync varies 42ms every 4 minutes as well, I do not consider this an improvment as it's still totally annoying.


            I would not use ANY Sandy bridge processor for a HTPC if you ever plan to play a Blu-ray disc.  Get yourself a $80 WD media player instead.  I made the mistake and bought one, new 1155 socket forced me to buy a new motherboard,new motherboard forced me to buy a new OS.  Total waste of time and money.