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    RS2WC080 Low peformance (very low)


      Hello to all,

      I have just bought one a card raid RS2WC080.
      I updated the firmware with the last version 20.10.1-0020.
      I connected following HDD :
      2 x Hitachi HDS72303 3.5" 3Tb
      4 x Samsung HM100UI 2.5" 1Tb
      I created tree Raid1.
      My problem is that the speed of writing/reading does not overtake 5Mb/s (test made from a SSD)
      Have you an idea ?
      Other technical information:
      MotherBoard Asus Rampage Gene II (version of Bios 2009/20/03) with Intel ICH10R
      Windows 7 x64

      Sorry for my english, I used google translate