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    SRCU42E - No Mouse movement and poor keyboard response in its BIOS


      Whilst in the BIOS of my SRCU42E card I can see a mouse pointer top left but it never moves. I've tried different USB mice, all of which work fine elsewhere but no luck. The SRCU42E is currently in an Intel DP55KG Motherboard but it was also like this when it was in an ASUS Formula Maximus SE board. The SRCU42E BIOS has just been flashed from 514K to 514S but that hasn't made any difference. Upgrading the BIOS of the DP55KG motherboard to 5839 (latest as of Jan 2011) for other reasons also hasn't improved this problem.


      So with no mouse it's keys only, and the keyboard response is poor. By 'poor' I mean its just like the keyboard keys had intermittent contact. Even holding the TAB key down on auto repeat it takes a while to cycle through the BIOS options and the card isn't easy to setup because of this. It takes different amounts of key pressing to jump even just one option.


      Does anybody know why it does this and how to fix it? I've typed all kinds of searches in and can't shed any light on it.