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    Cannot get core version response.




      Using altiris 6.0.6074 and intel amt. I have successfully discovered out of band machines and rolled out the oob agent. However i am getting an error whilst trying to provision the machines.



      I have added the comodo certificate to the notification server and have created a profile with TLS turned on, however the machine are not being provisioned. In oob management > configuration > provisioning > intel AMT systems > intel amt systems, i can see both machine, they have the uuid, fqdn complete. the status of both machines is unprovisioned and autorised is false. When  i try to re-provision the machines i get the error Another process is currently working on intel amt device.I'm now a little stuck as to what could be cauing the problem, any ideas?








      I have attached the logs!http://communities.intel.com/openport/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadImage/1894/logs-2008-09-19+12-39-38.csv!






      also, when i try to re-provision the machine, i get the error that "another process is currently working on intel AMt device" i also get this when i try to un-provision the device.