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    Degraded Array Help!!


      I have an Intel SE7520BD2 server and am using the onboard RAID to mirror two drives.  The array is now in a degraded mode due to a failed drive.  What are the steps I should take to rebuild the array without losing the drive that is currently operating.  As a note, when I entered the RAID utility and selected REBUILD, I received a message that no logical drive was found.

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          In rare cases a drive fails when really it has not failed (driver problems, PSU problems and such) but what I don't get is why you attempt to rebuild the array on a drive thats failed should this not be a rare case?


          Use the RAID utility to find the good working drives serial number so that when you remove the failed drive from your system you don't remove the good working one, then replace the drive with a new one possibly one thats the same model or newer then rebuild the array.

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            Hi Peter,

            Thanks for the reply.  I had allready determined that the drive was dead and have removed the faulty drive.  The server will boot up and run normally on the single drive,  I did purchase an identical drive and installed it in the system.  Booted up to the Intel RAID utility.  Was presented with about 4 or 5 options, one of which was REBUILD.  When I attempted to do that I received a message that no logical drives were found.  That tells me that the array needs to be reconfigured.  I am trying to find out how to do this without losing the good drive.  If you know anyone with knowledge of this particular motherboard and RAID utility, I think that is what I need.  I do appreciate your willingness to help!