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    d865 perl memory problem


      I had an intel d865perl motherboard with a 2.8 Pen 4 an ati all in wonder 256 meg graphics card and 4 gigs of ram, its run great for 6 years w/no problems until i shorted out the motherboard. I was able to find a brand new  replacement and installed it with 1 gig of ram and it booted up and ran just fine however after installiing all 4 gigs of ram it wouldnt even post, i have tested all slot and tested each mem chip both individually and in pairs as well as in another computer and cant find any issues, it will boot with 1 stick or two sticks but when 3 or 4 are installed it wont boot, also it doesnt matter which rail i use, 1 or 2 chips will always boot. anybody got any ideas?