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    AcBel PSU 900w


      Hi, freshman to forums so will do best to convey problem i am having but it en-compasses my entire system or some part of it?


      Current specs: I7-870

                            Intel DP55SB Extreme MB Micro ATX

                            HD 6850 Radeon

                            OCZ Reaper 1600mhz Dual Channel


      Problem is I have a new Acbel R88 900w that does not want to power my computer but have a CoolerMaster Extreme Power Plus 700w that runs it fine, is there some sort of conflict going on here as i have afew people baffled with this?


      Model no. PC7052

      DC output voltage +3.3v - +5v - +12v1/+12v2/+12v3/+12v4 - -12v - +5vsb

      Min Load                0A     0A     0.1A  0.1A   0.1A  0.1A      0A      0A

      Max Load               25A   25A    25A    25A    25A   25A     0.5A    4A

      Combined Output        166w                      860w                  6w     20w

      Rated Power        --------------------------874w---------------------           26w


      apologies in advance if this is wrong place to pst this but any info/solution would be greatly appreciated ty