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    RAM Error


      I had ordered some RAM for this unit since only 1 GB seemed like it wasnt enough  for this unit an was struggleing. Spite the fastest CPU that I have for it a  Pent 4 3E 478. Thing is that I got the exact same RAM so that the brand stayed  the same as what was there with the exception of size. Ultra DDR 512 PC3200 400,  when I put the single stick in it beeps 3 times. It will run fine with the 1 GB  though, I havent returned the other 512 mb yet an tried both of those same  thing. I tried a differnt brand with the 1 GB an comes up that its running in  single stick mode an only see's the 1 GB an not the other. Motherboard is a  Intel SE7210TP1-E, Non-ECC, Windows 32 Bit XP SP 2. There are no mixed an  matched pairs an the board can use ether ECC or Non.