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    About IPDT1.25 :  i5 460M IMC test failed!

      My notebook acer 4738g,  CPU is a mobile i5-460m, chipset is HM55, shielding the CPUmotherboard integrated  graphics,
      Using separate graphics  card HD5470. CPU-Z shows the memory frequency  is 1066.

      Operating  system is Win7 Ultimate 32 bit. Power Management has  selected the bestperformance.

      Installation IPDT, test results:  FAIL

      FAIL specific information items:

      --- Reading Integrated Memory Controller Frequency  ---

      Expected IMC Frequency is  -> 10978967203487480

      Detected IMC Frequency is ->  1728276400

      Integrated Memory  Controller Speed Test Fail. Expected: 10978967203487480
      Detected:  1728276400

      I5-460M of  the integrated memory controller broken?
      Or is there IPDT BUG?
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          Email to ipdtsource asked this question,
          Get the reply is as follows:


          This is a bug. The workaround is to disable or turn off the IMC Speed test.


          At the top of the FAIL Screen select Config, then select Edit Config and the edit configuration file Window will be displayed.


          Uncheck the IMC Speed test then click Exit Save Config button at the bottom.


          Refer to the help for more details.

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            my IMC test is disable also.  My question is it still a bug?  my IPDT version is

            I like to KNOW what is the speed of my 'Intergrated Memory Controler'


            Intel Core i7 Q720 @1.60GHz  Windows 7 Professional 64 bit