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    DP67BG: Memory runs at 667/1333MHz??


      (newest bios is installed)


      Hi all,


      Just bought myself a DP67BG with a i7-2600k.


      I bought a couple of Kingston KHX2000C9AD3T (2000MHz) modules.


      I just installed Win7 x64 and CPU-z says that memory runs at 667MHz and Intels Desktop Utility says it runs at 1333MHz.


      1. Who is right? CPU-z or Intel? Am I running 667 or 1333 MHz?


      2. Out of the box, will my 2000MHz memory only run 1333MHz or do I have to tweak anything (I'm new to overclocking)  - I just hoped the ran faster "out of the box"?


      Looking forward to hear from you experts!