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    Intel Core i7-2600K Graphics


      So I'm thinking about purchasing this processor, but before I do I have a few questions about it first. They should be relatively simple to answer:


      1) I looked at the overview of the processor and read about the graphics capabilities and how it says "there is no need for any graphics card or hardware". Does that mean I can't install a graphics card as well? If I do install a graphics card with it, will it work in conjuction with the processors graphics capabilities or would I have to choose one in the BIOS configuration or something?


      Basically I want to know if I have to choose 1 or will they both work together to make it even more powerful/awesome.



      Thanks in advance for any help regarding this issue

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          Yes you can install a video card.  What that means is that Intel HD 3000 graphics are quite good for most tasks (except for high end gaming of course).  I haven't tried them out yet though, I'm running an i7 2600K + Nvidia 570 GTX and the combination just flies through everything!

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            You can only run one at the same time, but to be truthful Intel HD would not add anything much to a higher end video card even if they could run in conjunction.  I also believe that if you overclock your CPU (mine is OC to 4.2 ghz) your only choice of video will be your dedicated video card (which is perfectly fine considering I run a 570 GTX lol)

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              yep its obvious to play hardcore games you will need an external gpu. Also when you have install your gpu (eg: GTX 580) then the onchip intel's GPU will not work (even if its working thn also its not at par with GTX 580), as you have to change your display to be connected with gtx 580's dvi or hdmi.


              check this out




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                Hi jgaff...I have come in too late and by this time a lot of people would have just went some where else to find out this information...Anyway you can add a graphic card into one of the slots,x16 slot prefered of course...You will have to go through your mainboards bios to choose the graphics outlet that you want...Also you can only get mild gaming out of this so called onboard graphics...If you go to HotHardware.com you can find the 2600k and 2500k article that was done and they had several tests done on the graphics of these cpu's and found out that mild gaming is all you can get and that a GT240,GTS250 will give you higher or faster frame rates then the so called onboard graphics especially if you overclock the graphic card or cpu or even both...Remember that intels Quick Sync is a good idea,so do not hesitate to go through your bios to switch to a graphic card of your choice when needed...Quick Sync can only be used when using the so called onboard graphics ( when I say socalled onboard graphics,I mean that the graphics is on the cpu and not the mainboard...Also read up at HotHardware.com about quick sync within the same article...

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                  I have an Intel Core i7 2600K Processor and I love it. I wanted to know that if I install an additional graphics card, will the core that was performing graphical activities now perform artithimic and control operations or is a gpu core and will be not used at all once a graphics card is installed and on chip graphics are disabled from the cmos?

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                    Basicly, it all depends on the mainboard you get.

                    If u get a Z68 chipset or newer,u can use both gpu's

                    true a software program called lucid virtue.

                    This program controles both cards and aranges wich card is used when.

                    This has some benefits.


                    Video encoding / decoding is way faster with the integrated Hd3000 from intel than any other addon card due to Intels Quick Sync

                    see this link for more info:



                    It will save power = money,since you are using the onboard gfx instead off lets say your gtx570 (100w vs 200w power consumption)


                    U can setup the program to use what ever gfx card u want when u need it, desktop use internet office browsing and such the Hd2000/Hd3000 will do the job perfect.

                    If u want to play a game (if the program is setup correctly) it wil jump to you addon card eg, Gtx570 for blasting preformance.

                    Do like stated before it al depends on wich mainboard you get and if the option is supported.

                    And ofcourse u can choose to turn the igp compleetly off.

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                      this is pretty cool video explaing and showing how the games are run'd.  i7 vs mac osx on m7-1015dx - YouTube