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    Which is more powerful - Pentium D or Pentium 4 with HT?


      I am setting up a small office network, and just got in some Dell GX320s and GX520s from another location.  All units have 3.0Gh cpu's and 1 Gb of ram.  I will add ram to some units.  One of the units will function as an Internet server running Qbik Wingate and another will be an office-wide application and database server.


      The GX320s (so far) have a Pentium D, which I believe is a dual-core cpu (not sure yet whether they are the 800 or 900 series).  The GX520s have a Pentium 4 cpu with HT (1 core, 2 threads).



      1. Which processor is likely to be more 'powerful'?

          Or will it make much difference?



      2. About the Pentium D, assuming it is a dual-core cpu, do BOTH cores run at 3.0Gh, or is the clock shared/split betweem the two cores?  I further assume

          that each core has it's own independent cache ram (seems logical anyway).



      I will appreciate any info on the above.  Thanks in advance for your help.


      Fred English

      JFE systems

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          1. The Pentium D's are more powerfull.


          Hyper-Threading Technology allows processors to  function  more efficiently when running multiple tasks, however a dual-core  processor has a  second physical core with its own set of dedicated  execution resources. Therefore everything else being equal Dual-core processors offer greater performance than   single-core processors with Hyper-Threading enabled.


          2. Yes both cores run at 3 GHz and Yes each core has its own L2 cache ram.  2x1MB for the 8 series and 2x2MB for the 9 series

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            Quual, thx for the info.


            One thing I forgot to ask - are these processors 32 or 64 bit CPUs?


            I've just realized these Dells were reloaded with a 32bit version of XP Pro (2002).  Hogwash.


            Any help sincerely appreciated.


            Fred English