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    Please help troubleshoot my 980x and help with RMA information!!


      Please help figure whats wrong with my 980x and possible RMA solutions. My system specs are:

      i7 980x- stock clock 3.33ghz

      Asus Rampage III Extreme motherboard

      12gb GSkill Trident DDR3 ram

      Corsair 1200W PSU

      Dual ATI Radeon 5970 GPUS crossfired

      4 OCZ Vertex 2 SSDs RAID 0

      Watercooled CPU & GPUs


      I don't know what is wrong with my cpu. It has been working beautifully since I got it until one day I turned it on and the system just keeps restarting, Windows 7 will start to load but then it will restart.The CPU is not overclocked.  I tried loading windows several times but I never once made it to the desktop. Next I tried booting to the Windows 7 installation disc, but it would begin to load and then it did the same thing- restart. Next I tried my Acronis backup boot cd, folllowed by linux and the same thing happend. 95% of the time I get no error messages or BSOD, but ocassionaly I get a MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION BSOD. I did manage to boot into the ultimate boot cd and ran memtest, which passed and the ran a stress test on the cpu several times and that also passed but I don't think it stresses all 6 cores since it is dos based.


      Now onto the hardware tests:

      First I suspected the RAM- I tried each stick, one at a time in each slot with no change. Then I tried my ram from a friend, first with al three sticks and then one stick at a time testing each slot with no change. Then I tried a different GPU with no change, followed by a different PSU and then hard drive, again no change. So then I RMA'd my motherboard, once again, still can't boot into anything with the rare but ocassional MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION BSOD. So the only thing left is the CPU. But here is the problem:


      My friend has the stock heatsink/fan but I installed in his i7 920 since it is so much better then the 920 fan. Something is wrong with my i7 980x and I need to RMA it. I have all the fan markings, but I my friend lives far away and has no other fan. My 980x is water cooled, but not overclocked and I am 100% sure that this problem has nothing to do with temperature. I keep daily temperature logs and my 980x has never gone above 38 degrees celsius. I spent $1000 on this chip and I want it to last as long as possibe and keeping it cool is a great start. Will I be able to get a replacement without sending the stock fan in?? I will gladly send my waterblock in and I am 100% confident that they will not find ANY damge due to excess heat or water. Is there anything I can do??