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    Matrix Storage Console


      Using a mirrored RAID 1 when one of the drives dropped out of the array...  Just before the new year finally got around to replacing the bad drive and started the rebuild...  Went to do some laundry and when I came back found a text message on display - something about picking a bootable drive from a list, and neither of the drives boot up... Removed original drive for save keeping and disabled RAID in BIOS...  Used new drive to restore from an old system image... Viewed original drive as a 2ndary and am missing data files and folders that where just there before i started the rebuild...  Having to send the original drive out to data recovery service to see what they can recover... Using a 1 year old Dell Precision T1500...  Had to rebuild the mirror with warranty replacement drives already 2 times before this... Looks like the 3rd time it took out both drives... Will update when I get report from recovery service about data found, but any ideas how rebuilding a mirror would cause both drives to fail?