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    winlogon resets desktop to logon screen in Vista


      Advent 7111 laptop,

      Vista Home Premium sp2,
      Intel ProSet wireless drivers, 3945abg adapter...


      Here is the problem, ongoing since last september but more recently become unbearable...


      Normal Mode with wireless on - after 30 seconds, entire desktop flickers, turns black briefly, then dumped back to logon screen.
      Normal Mode - about 25 - 30 minutes, same effect as above, then dumped back to logon screen.
      Neither of the above causes reboot, bsod or OS crash, just a 'flip out' then back to logon screen. Anything opened, i.e apps, browser gets shut during this process.
      Safe Mode - completely stable, wireless on or off.
      So I don't think its the wireless driver(latest version from Intel), just power management/infection somewhere, although there appears to be an issue with Vista sleep/hibernation process and the wireless driver.
      Driving me nuts, safe mode isnt exactly the best mode to use the laptop in and totally unusable in normal mode.
      Any ideas ?
      Thanks in advance