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    AXX4DRV3GEXP Over Heat Issue


      I have a A SC5600BRP chassis with a S5520HC board, running a RS2BL040 raid card connected to a AXX4DRV3GEXP which has 4 Seagate SAS 15K drives in it.  I've installed Server 2008 R2 and all the latest and greatest drivers into the system and it seems to be running quite good.  I installed the RAID management console software and am now gettting an error that the enclosure is running hot.  Any suggestions on how to ramp up the fan that sits just behind the unit to combat this?

      Thanks in advance.

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          The fans should ramp up by themselves, if the temperature ever goes above the non-critical threshold.


          Are you getting errors, or are you just trying to be safe?  Is this server in an air-conditioned room?

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            The system is not in an AC room, but the temp of the room isn't running above 24c so the system fans should be able to handle this.  I actually updated the firmware of the enclosuer and it seems to have corrected the issue or it's not reporting anymore.  Either way I'm happy for now, unless the controller chip fries, then I might not be too happy.  I initially had the chassis side off, so this too might have been causing some issues, not enough air pulling from the front of the system.

            Anyways, thanks Dan_O for your responce.