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    System Not Booting Automatically


      I recently replaced my old motherboard with a new DQ45CB motherboard. I also updated its BIOS to the latest version. For a first few boots (before updating the BIOS), I had no problem at all and the system would automatically boot into my previous (although broken) Windows installation. But after the update, firstly, the computer would not proceed beyond the initial Intel splash screen until I pressed the reset button and it loaded again, and, secondly, it would end up into a blank screen with a blinking cursor, unless I manually selected boot device (F10 key). So, should I downgrade the BIOS? Also note that I have a RAID 0+1 setup with Windows 7 installed. If I downgrade the BIOS will the RAID be reset?


      Note: I updated my BIOS because, as in my post Unable to access the BIOS Setup in a new DQ45CB Motherboard, I was (and still am) unable to access BIOS setup using my wireless keyboard.

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          Not a good idea to do an express BIOS update with a sick OS or wireless keyboard.  Due to a lack of RAID experience I can only ask what your system information lists as the BIOS version.  A recovery BIOS may work but I would do a clean install if using the express version.  You need to say what OS you are using and the BIOS versions involved.

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            My current BIOS version is CBQ4510H.86A.0121.2010.0412.0911, which is NOT the latest. I had downgraded my BIOS to this version from the version with microcode 0127 to see if it would make any difference (which it didn't).


            Also note that whatever I did to the BIOS, was not through the fauty OS, but either through a fresh install (through express update) or directly (through F7 BIOS update).


            What exactly is a recovery BIOS? Is it the original one that came with my board? I am ready to completely reset the system even if I would loose the RAID configuration and data.


            Could you tell me what to try next? Also, I would like to know what was the original BIOS version for my motherboard and how install it. Maybe the original one would work. (Unfortunately, the Intel page for BIOS for this board says that I cannot downgrade below the 0119 microcode version, so is there a workaround for this?)

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              I have the DG45ID which is similar.  Your board should permit remote updates for this situation which is one of the attractions.

              The original BIOS would depend on the version manufacture date.  It should be printed on the box if you have it.  Do not go below 119 which was safe.

              For Win 7 64-bit the newest is 127 while mine now has 129 and 131.  Only these are specified for Win 7 for the DG45ID.

              Find your system and board downloads page and download the appropriate file with the BIO extension.  This requires a floppy or CD for installation.  This is used to recover from a failed upgrade.

              The notification of successful update only indicates the process was completed as far as possible.  The BIOS or System Information page in windows indicates the actual BIOS present.  If you did not see each the process screen flashing each step it did not actually complete.  Downgrading is never recommended and is seldom of benefit anyway.  I believe you want the 127.BIO version (what you're recovering to) but you will need to figure that out.  I suspect the RAID will be OK but it sounds like you need a clean install afterward, after you recover your data.

              If not for the RAID it would be simple to reset your BIOS or remove the CMOS chip for a few minutes to reset and start your computer if that is a problem.  See if you can find help with that.  Don't try any other BIOS version changes until you've tried the recovery.

              Good luck.

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                The RAID and wireless keyboard seem to have limited discussion.  For general update issues you could follow the recent thread at http://communities.intel.com/thread/18885?start=15&tstart=0.

                To clarify the OS issue there are two topics.  The BIOS versions listed for each board are somewhat dependent on testing and reports so differences may be due to the more limited use of this board.  It is best to use the versions listed for your OS and if 119 is the lowest recommended I would heed that advice until other problems are excluded.  Secondly the Express BIOS update is clearly dependent on the OS, with the health being a judgement call.

                You should always check your BIOS settings afterward, including the version reported.

                Antivirus checks begin upon bootup so that should be disabled.  The first stage of updates is a check that could cancel the update due to various issues.  I can't recall the nature of the checks but I suspect hardware health may affect success.  Any hardware could have an effect but wireless devices would be most problematic.  My experience is limited with methods other than Recovery and Express but I have found that simply repeating the process can succeed.  If you get into a tough spot remember to use the soft-off method of pressing the power button until shutdown.

                I hope you have success with a wired keyboard if that is the problem viewing the version you actually have.