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    DP35DP Black screen on bootup



      Hi there,



      I work for a Security  Surveillance company. We use Intel motherboard DP35DP for our DVR systems. Currently we are having a very serious problem with our systems. The system randomly displays a black screen at bootup. Only way to fix the problem is to unplug the system and plug back again. But we will like to find a solution to the problem since these systems must be running all the time.



      So for we have tried to change the power supply and video card in the system but without any success. We have also tried to update the video drivers. Below is the full specks of the machine



      Intel DP35DP Motherboard



      Intel E4600 Core2 Duo Processor



      Kingston KVR667 RAM (2x 512 MB)



      ATI x1050 Video Card (We have also tried x2400 and x3450)



      Seagate 80GB Sata HDD for OS and one or more 750 GB Sata for storage



      I will appreciate any help to resolve this issue because we are using on average 200+ boards every month.









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          Hi there,


          Firstly, i will try to make sure that i have the updated bios version 0517.

          If you have the old bios, please update through recovery mode if possible. Follow the instructions on the read me notes.
          Then once you have done the update, go to the boot menu in the bios, try to disable Boot to Optical Drive, Boot to Network, Boot to Removable Drives, Boot USB Devices First.
          See if this helps.

          If you still have problem, then when the system boots up, try to check the POST CODE displayed on the Technical Specification Document for the motherboard from the Intel website. It may give you an idea if there is anything causing it.


          Try to remove the optical drive connected and see if there is any different. Make sure that you have at least a PSU ATX Version 2.2


          Other than this i dont have any other suggestions.

          Hope this helps.