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    Intel® TXN31015D1 Quad-rate LC Optical Transceiver Compliant with SFF*




      I'm working on electronic company that are design and manufact electronic projectors.


      In one of our product we are using Intel® TXN31015D1 to link our projector to the external source (DVD, DVT, PC,...) .

      PCB's are totally desing internally

      We are registering a huge amount of defects to do components failure - no laser ont optical transceiver.

      I spent a lot of time on Internet and on phone to have some support to do Failure analysis on this device without success.

      All of people answering me that Intel didn't make a technical support on this components. It's very strange? I could understand that this is a very a niche appliccation but when product is put on the filoed someone must take a responsability for the follow-up.


      I'm looking for someone that help me to understand the failure root cause - components or usage?


      any support it's vary appreciate