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    Having a problem with Intel SSD Toolbox


      I have an Intel SSDSA2M080G2GC hard drive I installed on my Win7 PC. I downloaded Intel SSD Toolbox version 2.01 and installed it. I use the SSD for operating system only and installed the Toolbox on a partition on my regular hard drive, if that makes any difference. Anyway, the toolbox launches and the SSD shows at the top of the list and my other hard drive with it's various partitions listed below it. The problem is that I can't select it, and  the buttons below the drive window are Intel SSD's only, View Drive Information, Check Smart Attributes, and then 2 more buttons that both say Intel SSD's only. When I try to select the drive to enable using any buttons, it just refreshes and de-selects itself, so I can't use any features of the program. I have un-installed, re-downloaded and re-installed a couple of time and still get the same, "not able to select" problem. The program has some excellent features I would like to use providing I can get it to work. Any Ideas?