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    Did you order a PCIe card for your MCPC?


      The card that works is OSS-PCIe-HIB2-x4-H PCIe x4. At least one user ordered that card and actually received OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x4-H instead. Note the 5 after the HIB2. The OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x4-H is plysically larger than the OSS-PCIe-HIB2-x4-H card.


      I tried out OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x4-H in one of our local systems and it does not work for us. The symptom is that the crbif driver is not loaded. I attached a JPG of the card that works.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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          Recently, I have been working with the MCPC with the OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x4-H installed.

          I am using DX58SO board on Linux system.

          At first, I found same the problem that the MCPC's BIOS cannot detect the PCIe card. Thus, the crbif PCIe driver cannot be loaded on MCPC.

          I have been recommended by Ted from Intel to try either

          1. Update the BIOS version

          2. Run "All the way down"

          3. run the command "dmidecode -t 9" in a terminal to update the status of PCI/PCIe cards

          I went  through each method from 1, 2 and 3 in sequences.

          After running the command "dmidecode -t 9" and reboot the MCPC, the BIOS can detect the PCIe card and the crbif now can be automatically loaded.

          It still remains unclear to me for how the PCIe card can be detected by issuing the command "dmidecode".

          Now, my PCIe card is working well. I can run sccBmc -i without any error.

          I hope this could help other user with OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x4-H card.

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            I should mention that we had one other user who successfully used the OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x4-H PCIe card. Honestly, dmidecode just reports information and should have nothing to do with making the BIOS detect PCIe.


            What I can report is that .... I tried out OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x4-H. Several times. My PCIe card was not recognized. I had not run dmidecode. I then reported that we should not use OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x4-H. However, since then at least now two users have successfully used OSS-PCIe-HIB25-x4-H. Both used dmidecode.

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              Ted, actually it still should be one user because Pollawat is with me.