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    is socket 2011 coming to destops


      I just received the latest issue of maximum pc and was reading the article about sandy bridge. I read one disturbing entry; "There have been rumors of moving the new Xeon socket LGA2011, with its quad-channel memory, to consumers later this year, but we understand that Intel is now considering going back to a single-socket lineup. LGA1366will be supported with updates this year, but after that, LGA1155 could be the only game in town."

      Does this hold any relevance or are they just blowing smoke? I am in the market for a new pc and decided to wait for the LGA2011 to hit the market because even the new LGA1155 doesn't support triple channel memory. What direction is Intel going to make over the next months on the consumer processor market. I really can't wait another year to update my system and I am afraid that if I settle with LGA1155 now and LGA2011 is released or LGA1155 is redone to support more features (triple channel memory). I just want some kind of roadmap from Intel, not third parties, on the direction of the consumer processors.

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          When it comes to technology if you always wait for that next big thing, you will never make a purchase.  As for the choice between whats out now and what might be out in the future, I would make the dive.  If they do add tri or quad mem to the 1155 you can just change your board and be there already since the 1155 socket will still be the one on the board.  Also, ask yourself if you are going to acutally be using software that can take advantage of multicore and multi channel memory at that level, not all things can.