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    creating new communicator




      I am looking into RCCE and trying to find a way to create new communicator from RCCE_COMM_WORLD.


      any suggestion are welcome.



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          Use the RCCE_comm_split() call. Look inside RCCE_power_management.c. Around line 430,


          418 // use these color functions for the power domain communicators
          419 int RCCE_V_color(int rank, void *nothing) {return(RCCE_VDOM(RC_COREID[rank]));}
          420 int RCCE_F_color(int rank, void *nothing) {return(RCCE_FDOM(RC_COREID[rank]));}


          425   void *nothing = NULL;


          431   // create communicators that span the local voltage (8 cores) and local frequency
          432   // domains, respectively
          433   RCCE_comm_split(RCCE_V_color, nothing, &RCCE_V_COMM);
          434   RCCE_comm_split(RCCE_F_color, nothing, &RCCE_F_COMM);


          You can do a "man RCCE_comm_split" on your MCPC for the details about RCCE_comm_split. To see the manpages, put rcce/man in your MANPATH. Note that the power management example does not use any auxiliary data, so it passes NULL as the second parameter.