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    ICH10R, Raid 5, migration failed?




      I had 3 Seagate LP 1,5 TB drives on ICH10R, RST 9.6, Windows 7 64, and decided to add one (the same) at that array. At the RST's menu I've choosed "add disk", migration started, was going about 10 days and when successfully finished. After that I rebooted system and Windows didn't found my array, It just shows empty disk and offers to format it. Here is what I see in administration panel:


      As you can see, windows tells me that I have an old area as RAW and plus new unformatted disk, instead of one big disk.

      But at RST (I've upgraded it to, I can see that everything is ok:


      So, I don't undertand what gone wrong and what I can do now, cause there was a lot of important data and media on this array..


      P.S. before the reboot, after migration finished, I had full access to my old array (and it was showing old size, 2,72TB)

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          Hi. I have the exact same problem. Did you find a solution for this problem?

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            Nope, nothing helped. I've tried RStudio, ZAR, some other programms - no result, after that I brought my Raid 5 to the data restore company (one of the reliable here) and they told me that only manual restoring is possible, but it was too much expensive. So I've decided to accept this lesson, format nah these disks and orginized Raid 10, which is much more reliable, faster and easy recoverable. The more complex system you bulid, - the less chances to recover it you get..