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    95W CPU on Intel DH67CF(mini-ITX)


      Hi everyone,


      I'm planning since about a month to build a mini-ITX gaming cube and now with the release of Sandy Bridge I think it's time to buy some hardware.

      The DH67CF looks like a great board and has all features which I need, but it "officially" only supports 65W CPUs, which is a problem to me as I wanted to get an i5 2400 or 2500.

      So what I want to know is: Can I run a 95W CPU on the Intel DH67CF without any problems?


      Best regards!

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          Just wanted to post this link which shows a review.  The reviewer put a 2600k on the motherboard.  I also ordered the motherboard and a 2600k.  Should be here in a couple days.  I can repost if it works

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            It works.  I had no problem.

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              Do you have any heat or power problems?


              I'm just asking myself why this board only supports 65W CPUs. I can't see a difference to other ITX mainboards when I compare the layout and power connectors.

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                I have no power or heat problems.  The computer is in a Lian Li PC-Q11 case with no graphics card.  The CPU idles around 33C and loads around 43C on stock cooler.  Very cool running CPU.  I think the 65 watt power issue is due to the lack of/lower quality VRMs that Intel put on the motherboard.  In my opinion, for someone who wants to make a computer for daily use or gaming, they shouldn't have a problem.

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                  Sorry for my late answer, but I was busy building my new gamecube

                  I've bought the DH67CF, an i5-2400(with Prolimatechs Samuel17) and a HD5850 and wanted to put all those things in a Silverstone Sugo05. Yesterday I received the case and had to see that my HD5850 won't fit in it; I got the Sapphiere Vapor-X which is about 2cm longer then the standard design.

                  So now I have to send the card back and get me a smaller one(XFX 6850 Dualfan).

                  But I couldn't wait much longer so I put everything together on my table without the case and it runs without any problems. At the first boot I received a warning message because of the 95W-CPU, but it seems more like a warning regarding the cooling of the CPU. I was a bit suprised how fast this combination is. It takes 13seconds to get into the windows logon screen; in that time my AM3-PC didn't even get to the boot logo

                  The i5 stays very cool in idle althoug the fan only gets 5V.


                  At first I had a bad feeling about buying an Intel plattform(because I never liked Intel), but now I don't regret it. The whole system is really great compared to its size.