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    Is this AMT version correct?


      Hi, im currently looking to purchase a computer that has vpro. I contacted the manufacterer regarding which version of AMT it had, of which the computer is listed as having one of the following processors on the Intel Q57 Chipset:


      intel®    Core™    i5-6x0    1333mhz    4t/dual    core/4m/73w/    turbo    lga    1156
      intel®    Core™    i3-5x0    1333mhz    4t/dual    core/4m/73w/    lga    1156
      intel®    pentium®    g6950    1066mhz/dual    core/3m/73w/    lga    1156  (this is the one i most likely will get)


      And they told me it had AMT version, dated November 2nd 2010. Does this add up?

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          An Intel vPro technology desktop PC with the Intel Express Q57 chipset will have Intel AMT version 6.x.  The Intel Core i3 processor and the Intel Pentium g6950 are not Intel vPro processors so you can plug them into the socket, but you will not have Intel AMT capabilities.  You will need an Intel Core i5 vPro Processor.  For example, the Intel Core i5-680, -670, -660, or -650.

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            Thanks for confirming this. I called intel (options 1-5 on the call menu rang once and then hung up, reached networking on option 6 and they transferred me to desktop) and they told me the i5 was the only vpro one, and that it was a "series 5" therefore its amt version was 5.x.... Which was better than the info i got from lenovo tech support, which of the three times i called was a compeletly differerent answer each time. Who can you trust anymore...