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    Intel DP67BG + Intel 2500K


      Hello everybody, I'm new here


      I have a lot of experience with PCs, the last Intel config I had was a DFI UT P45 T2RS with a Q9650 (@ 4Ghz with 1.21V).


      Today I bought the Intel P67 mainboard and a 2500K CPU. So far so good, everything is working out fine, but I have some concerns about the 3.3V rail. My Intel Extreme Tuning Utility shows 3,4720V ... that is too much.


      My PSU is is a Enermax MODU87+ 500W.


      I also have a HD 6950.





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          Hi Yidaki.


          I have the same mobo and cpu. I'm also showing high 3.3V readouts. Mine goes up close to just under 4V. What do you think is causing this? I used an adapter to convert the PSU +4 in to +8pin plug to the mobo.


          I'm looking forward to getting a good and stable overclock. The intel extreme tuning utility version 2.X is downloaded and ready to go. In the previous version it had an Automated OC profiles preinstalled the new current version does not.

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            hi nimzotech,


            i have seen this board in configuration with this CPU and it was overclocked to 5Ghz with around 1.35V. Crazy. But his 3.3V rail was almost perfect.

            I have tried the newest BIOS, it didn't bring any change to my problem. I don't really know what to do, the Enermax PSU should be very fine for this configuration ..