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    Fan Speed Control on DH67BL


      It seems that fan speed control is pretty poor on my DH67BL board. There are no controls in the BIOS and the Desktop Utility installs but will not run.

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          the DP76BA it's the same problem !

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            It is the same problem with the DP67DE board. I build up a HTPC but the standard intel CPU fan is really loud.

            I want to set the fan speed in BIOS to "slowest" but I cannot find this option in BIOS version 0037.

            The CPU is absolutely cold, but in case of my HTPC I want to let the CPU as warm as possible to minimize

            the CPU fan rotation speed.


            Are there any software tools to solve the problem or is the fan speed option in further BIOS versions available?

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              I installed few days ago a DH67GD (quite same as BL, common bios) and with 076 bios I observed what you say.

              Upgrading to bios 098 solved the problem.

              The fan speed is now at about 1050 RPM and stays around this value with medium load of my i5 2500.

              The sound from the fan is quite low and in my opinion good for a HTPC.

              I installed bios 098 using F7 and the .BIO file.

              With this bios Intel Desktop Utility is now functional, at least to show temp., speeds, voltages.

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                same with my DP67BA


                while in bios setup - fan speed around 1000 rpm, but I think it's too much (the lowest speed of the cooler is ~300 rpm ).

                after start booting OS rotation speed increased to maximum speed and cousing high noise level.

                and also there are no fan speed management setting in the bios.


                updating to lates bios 0037 did not solve the metter.

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                  Your DP67BA latest bios 037 it obviously at the same level as our previous DH67GD/BL bios, at the same date of mid november 2010.

                  Our 098 bios is dated 1/7/2011 with an upgraded MEI firmware.

                  You probably have to wait few days for a newer bios for DP67BA.

                  With the new revision you should see, if same as DH67GD, about 1050RPM at 33°C going up to about 1650RPM at 78°C at stabilizing at 1400RPM at 77°C at full load with a core i5 2500 (with prime95 100% cpu).

                  The noise is very low at 1050RPM and acceptable at 1400-1600 RPM.

                  This 098 bios also solved an issue with Intel Desktop Utility not opening its display window under windows 7 x64 (at least).

                  Wait and see for a DP67BA new bios.

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                    This 098 bios also solved an issue with Intel Desktop Utility not opening its display window under windows 7 x64



                    At least this I have noted already.

                    Hope case fans are not forgotted. becouse same trouble with them too.

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                      Also good for case fans, mine are now at 800 - 1100 RPM in normal conditions.

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                        Bios 0051 is available.

                        Much better now.

                        eg. if hilight CPU Cooler RPM and press enter you will get next screen with CPU Fan management

                        Very good

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                          I have the DH67BL and my Desktop Utilities will not open the GUI on Win7 x64 with the current BIOS as of April 2011. I think its BIOS 105. Shame you said version 98 fixed it - but not for me.

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                            I installed all the bios revisions from 098 to the latest 105 on sister board DH67GD and yes, from 098 bios, both fan control and IDU GUI are working fine.

                            For IDU working fine you have to to be sure to update all drivers at the revision in line with the bios.

                            Today it means updating to:

                            - Bios 105

                            - Chipset driver 1025 (maybe not absolutly required)

                            - Intel management engine 1065

                            - and of course IDU.

                            I am running windows 7 64bit.

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                              Can any one say whether the current fan controls in this motherboard are better than described in this review (http://www.silentpcreview.com/Intel_DH67BL_Asus_P8H67-M_EVO_H67_Motherboards - specifically the BIOS screen shots on page 2 and the BIOS fan control on page 6)?


                              I'm thinking of getting this board, but I'm concerned by both the lack on control over the fan control and the minimum speed (the review states that the fan idles at about 60-70% maximum speed).


                              It'd be really helpful if someone could explain how the fan control works and indicate what the relative difference between maximum fan speed and lowest fan speed is with the latest BIOS. Also, the review mentions that the fan speed ramps up quite quickly. Does any owner notice this too?



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                                There is old bios version in this review.

                                Latest bios version of Intel's boards have perfect fan speed management

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                                  Hi, maybe future buyer...


                                  The link you provide is dated January 9 and they had 076 bios rev. to do their review. (I got mine with bios 076 at mid january and  098 bios at jan. 21).

                                  With 076 bios the fan was running fast and noisy, cannot say how much because the measurement utility was not yet running.

                                  Fortunatly it was only for one day or two...

                                  Starting from 098 bios the fan management is correct, in my opinion, but if you absolutely want some manual control, it is not available in the bios.

                                  You can only disable the control and run at full speed if you want (limited interest).

                                  The 255 multiplier found in their bios screen is of course no more available....

                                  I then updated the bios with all the subsequent revisions up to 105.


                                  The cpu fan behaviour is the following (with a core i5 2500 on a DH67GD sister board of DH67BL):

                                  - At low charge, with the original heatsink/fan the CPU temp is about 35°C and the cpu fan is at 1050RPM, (no noise).

                                  - Case fans are also maintained at low speed.

                                  - Using prime95 full load 4 core exerciser, the CPU temp. rises quickly (something like 2mn) up to about 80°C.

                                  - When CPU temp. is above 70° the fan speed is rising up, following temp. increase,  reaching about 1600 1700 RPM when the temp. is 80°C

                                  - Then the temp. lowers toward 77°C where it stabilizes. At this speed, the original cpu fan noise is still very acceptable.

                                  At the same time, depending upon the case temperature, the front fan and rear fan of the case are increasing their speed, provided they are using motherboard connectors.

                                  Their speed is never very high, in typical room temperature.

                                  The regulation system is also using board temperature, not only CPU temp.

                                  At power on, at least the first time, the fan speed of all fans is set to the maximum for few seconds during post, I think to calibrate the system.

                                  In the bios you have the choice to ask this at every startup, or only the next one. (to be done if you change the fans.


                                  If you are using another heatsink/fan "better" than the original one, the fan speed will start lower at idle, maybe something like 600 RPM.

                                  Then, at full load, the temperature will rise slower toward 80°C, that maybe it will never reach depending on the performance of the heatsink and the fan speed will remain at lower RPM than the original.

                                  I think that this is good for a standard user PC who wants a silent system even with the original fan, and is not fascinated by spending time tuning temperature vs noise every day.

                                  Due to the fact that this motherboard is not intended for overclockers, this is fine.

                                  Before this board I had a DG965WH then a DG45ID with similar feature, and it was one of my choice criteria for DH67GD.

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                                    yf38 and anmg - thanks for being so helpful. That's really useful information.


                                    It sounds like the main difference in the latest BIOS versions (as far as fan control is concerned) is that minimum fan speed (at CPU idle) is lower than on the 076 BIOS. Is that correct? If so, I think I may take buy one and see if it's quiet enough at idle for me.

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