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    Concerned: My E8600 volatge too high??


      I dropped an E8600 into my Dell Studio 540 Slim and let the system
      do its thing.  There is really nothing you can change in the BIOS.

      So I notice the Core Voltage is set to a whopping  1.704 Volts by the Dell.
      (See CPUz Photo below)

      This seems way high...   Is the Dell killing my CPU?   Real Temp reports
      that the CPU has a temperature of 40C.  The machine has been running
      24x7 like this for 2 months before I happened to open up CPUz to look at
      the readings..

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          all i can say is its good i was able to reply intime that voltage is way out of what it should be it should be at 1.25 max and the max safe voltage if im not mistaken is 1.45 so you may wand to take the cpu out and contact dell because you can fry your cpu with 1.7v

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            I don't think it is necessarily correct to say that "the Dell is killing my CPU".  That type of PC is not designed to perform random CPU-swapping on, since as you mention you cannot change the CPU voltage in the BIOS.  What was the original CPU in that PC?  It is also possible that the monitoring chip used on the mother board is not set up correctly, or compatible with CPU-Z.  Which means that voltage reading is incorrect.


            The actual voltage applied to a CPU is not simply accomplished by one simple BIOS setting, and is controlled by what is called the VID.


            Given that your CPU has survived for two months, seemingly at that voltage, indicates to me that there is more happening here than meets the eye.

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              Yes I have come to the conclusion that since the CPU has remained alive for 2 months and

              since the CPU is running quite cool (39-40C) than the volatge reading from CPUz must be