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    Gigabyte HD6950, No 1080p in games and possible driver issues.


      OK, so, i feel your pain. I hust bought a Gigabyte HD 6950, just a step above the 6870, i suppose. i had a previous nvidia 9500gt. so upon installing this into my Dell Dimension 5150, with a i945p/pl/g/gz chipset, and a 0RD203 motherboard, according to cpu-z, Gigabyte rep told me to uninstall all video drivers to eliminate conflict. i uninstall all Nvidia and might have accidentally unistall intel accelerated graphics something something. but i reinstalled the ATI catalyst driver center i guess that should've have all my graphics drivers in it? but before uninstalling the drivers from intel and nvidia, the card would have small amounts of pixel distortion or bad rendering such as about 35-45 pixels over my 1080p tv would sem burnt out, but werent as by the time i upsized the desktop resolution to 1080p and opened a program they were gone. ???? So, after saying ok to that, i noticed that at first the graphics benchmark program Furmark 3D, would only run at a avg FPS of 20 and would jump rather often, as well i could not run 1080p or any higher setting on WOW, so the AMD rep told me to try another game, so i reinstalled The Witcher. after noticing the Witcher, which is 1080p capable too, would not let me run high resolutions either, i did notice while on the phone with the AMD rep Furmark started running great at 110 FPS, which is a huge jump from before. this is just after only installing the Witcher, so after this sucess i went back to the games and again niether would load high resolution and if i tried higher graphics the video would shutdown.And by the way the 1280x960 res that it would allow i think is the standard for my integrated videocard, which in my bios should have been disabled via the "onboard/peg" option that let a PEG card override integrated ones. so after all this i let the Gigabyte rep convince me to somehow go and uninstall all nvidia and ati software and in the process i uninstalled anything related to graphics. im in need of help, lol. i dont know what drivers i need to get it to where furmark will run without shutting my videodown even before the application fully loads and that i can somehow make this card work anywhere close to what it should, or at all in my programs.
      Dell Dimension 5150, latest A07 Bios


      pentium 4 630 3.0ghz


      3Gb of 533mhz ram


      945 express chipset family, driver


      pci express 1x-16x


      2 pci express


      600watt power supply


      creative x-fi sound card


      Gigabyte Radeon HD 6950 10.12 driver, latest from ATI


      Windows XP home 32bit