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    Unable to access the BIOS Setup in a new DQ45CB Motherboard


      I purchased a new DQ45CB motherboard, recently, to replace my old and faulty DG41RQ motherboard. After assembling the system, I found that, even though the Intel splash screen showed an option "Press F2 to enter Setup" and "Press F10 to choose boot device" (these messages are not exact, but they are semantically correct), pressing F2 had no effect. It then booted into my old Windows 7 setup (though unsuccessfully as the motherboard itself had changed). I then tried the following to :-


      1. Repeatedly pressing F2.

      2. Holding the F2 key depressed.

      3. Removing the CMOS cell, keeping it out for about an hour, and then replacing it.

      4. Updating the BIOS (successfully) to the latest version.

      5. Disconnecting all hard disks (in all 3) and DVD drives (in all 2).

      6. Disconnecting the cooling fans (2 in number), except, of course, the processor fans.

      7. Using the password reset jumper to forcefully enter BIOS setup.


      Note that other keys on my wireless keyboard, such as F10, seem to be working fine (in fact even F2 is working). Also note that in the last step, I was able to enter BIOS setup, but after I replaced the jumper, the problem persisted. For minor tasks like changing boot order, I might have used this workaround, but I want to setup a RAID 10 with 4 drives. And, after all, it is quite inconvenience the open up the cabinet every time I wanted to change a setting.


      Can anyone explain what the problem is and suggest a solution?


      My specifications are here for reference :


      Processor : Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3.0 GHz (Yorkfield)


      Ram : Kingston DDR2 800 MHz 2GB  --- 4 Modules


      ODD : LG DVD +RW (SATA)


      HDD : Seagate Barracuda 1 TB -- 4 Drives (2 not yet connected)

                Seagate Barracuda 500 GB -- 1Drive


      PSU : Seasonic 620W (well above my requirement)



      No PCI expansion card installed yet, but planning to install :-


      SATA-PCI card (with 2 ports, internal)


      USB 3.0 card (with 2 ports)


      Firewire card (two 1394a and one 1394b ports)