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    DH57JG and Onkyo HDCP issue


      I've got my Htpc connected to my Onkyo TX-SR706 receiver which is connected to my tv.  I've tried blu ray playback using both Powerdvd 10 and Total Media theater 5 and both give a non HDCP error which is incorrect.  If I bypass the receiver and go direct to the TV the issue goes away but obviously this isn't a solution.  No other components have this issue, i.e. stand alone blu ray player, apple tv, roku, tivo hd.  The Htpc has the latest Bios and drivers for this board and I'm using Windows 7 Pro 64.  This must be an issue with this board or some setting I'm setting I'm missing somewhere.  All connections are via HDMI and 1.3 compliant.  The Intel ME is installed if that has any impact.  If I use a HDCP bypass software like Anydvd HD then it works but again not a real solution to shell out $100 for something that should work natively.

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          Ok, part way there.  Changed the connection on the receiver from the HDMI 3 input to the HDMI 1 input and is now recognized as HDCP compliant.  Played Lord of the Rings flawlessly, however Ice Age 3 picture was scrambling.  Started up Anydvd and the problem went away so still a handshake issue.  Next step is a longer HDMI cable as I read that can solve timing issues.  Any other ideas out there?