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    Windows 7 32-bit w/ i5 on board intel HD Graphics


      I'm new with the i3/5/7 series and their new on board graphics.  But recently I have been having some issues with a few games (that are not graphic heavy at all).  After a video plays the game screen freezes up, or during a mildly graphic intensive part of the game (still not graphic intensive at all  compared to real games) the game screen and game screen alone freezes. 


      The question I am getting to here is if Intel HD Graphics has significantly better performance on w7 64-bit versus 32-bit.  I am debating reformatting and installing 64 bit despite a few program compatibility issues.


      What made me think of that was the while the driver for 32-bit systems is "Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 7/Vista", the 64-bit system driver's name is "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for...."


      *My current drivers are up to date.