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    Intel SE7520BD2



      Hello to eveyone as this is my first post here.  I have been fighting this issue for 3 days now and I am ready to quit.



      One of our new servers, motherboard SE7520BD2, 2 xeon 2.8 with 1 gb RAM, chassis type SC5295WS, .



      Chassis fan is running on full speed all the time.  I have seen these servers run and they are only supposed to do this on start up (or in extreme heat cases).



      I have tried a lot of things, intel server management software was run before install, FRUSDR utility was also run and all the right info was inputed.



      Nothing seems to help, fan runs on high all the time and it is very annoying.  BIOS has no options as far as the fan goes.



      Thank you in advance for help.



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          Javed Lodhi


          Upgrade your BIOS and then control fan speed from there. You don't see a fan speed control option in your BIOS at the moment because you might have an older version of BIOS. In case you encounter any problems, get back to me.






          Warm Regards,



          Javed Lodhi



          Intel Go Green, Save The Environment!



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            hi everyone


               I got a same board,SE7520BD2-DDR2 with IMM Professional Edition, xeon 3.0*2 with 4pin pwm fan and one casefan.I have the same problem.


            I have updated the latst bios and firmware.but I still could not found the option in my BIOS.

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              Javed Lodhi

              Dear Turismo,

              What version of BIOS and Firmware do you have currently?

              Do you see an option of Acoustic control in your BIOS options?

              Let us know of the following and we will help you control the fan speed of your system.


              Warm Regards,

              Javed Lodhi

              Intel Go Green, Save The Environment!

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                no need to upgrade anything, problem is with chassis number, fill out everything correctly and the fans will slow down

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                  thanks all


                  my bios ver is SE7520BD23.86B.P.03.00.0019 build date is 10/20/2005


                  my server case is a nomal PC house(Casetek 1018)with four casefans,two in front and two in back


                  I used the bootcd and enter the Chassis Part Number,but the cpu fans still run at full speed.



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                    I find that entering your own chassis number would not do any good.


                    I believe when you set up there are 4 options to choose chassis number, trust me, pick one of the presets and fans will slow down, you might have to do this 4 times until you find the right one.


                    I was fighting this for 2 weeks till I figured it out, what a relief, nice and quiet now.  good luck.

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                      Javed Lodhi

                      Dear Turismo,

                      First of all you need to understand that for a server motherboard, it is not advised to use a Normal PC (which I assume you mean a desktop chassis here) chassis ["Recommended chassis for SE7520"]

                      Now, that you don't have the recommended chassis, let us skip this and move on to resolving your problem anyway.

                      Noisy fan issue can easily be removed as it has also been mentioned on the support site for SE7520BD2 (refer to the last FAQ "How do I resolve 'noisy fan' issues?"). Now referring to this, first you should check your connections of fans on to the motherboard, once done; move further to updating your FRUSDR (Field Replaceable Unit). Here you can find the latest FRUSDR package for your server as I see that your BIOS and FRUSDR is outdated:

                      FRUSDR Update Package for SE7520BD2 (Build Date: 2/7/2007, Version: 3.0;0.53;6.6.G)

                      BIOS Update (Build Date:2/26/2006, Version: 9)

                      As I went through the update notes of BIOS, I see that during the build version 0060: - RC01.06, noisy fan issue was taken care of.


                      Now before you update your FRUSDR and BIOS, make sure you go through the 'release notes.txt' and 'readme.txt' files because the update process is explained in various ways. Once you are done with BIOS and FRUSDR updation;

                      • Reboot your server and press F2 to access your BIOS
                      • Under ADVANCED tab, access SYSTEM ACOUSTIC & PERFORMANCE TAB
                      • There you will find two options under Acoustic control i.e. Open Loop and Closed Loop

                      This is what I had been referring you to earlier. Closed loop automatically balances your fan speeds depending on the thermal sensor on your board managing the bandwidth while Open loop sets a static fan speed at a static bandwidth making your system go noisy all the time.

                      • Make sure you power recycle your server once you have made changes in the BIOS and saved them.

                      If you are interested in learning more about thermal/acoustic trade-offs in high performance systems, I have attached an official document at Intel site whereby you can read how thermal sensors adjust the fan speed and also follow the URL to learn more about acoustic/thermal trade-offs.

                      Thermal/Acoustic Trade-offs in High Performance Systems


                      Hope this all helps you control your fan speeds and reduce the overall noise, in case you encounter any more problems; let us know.

                      Before I wrap up, also ensure that the room temperature is ideal to machine performance and not too high.



                      Warm Regards,

                      Javed Lodhi

                      Intel Go Green, Save The Environment!

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                              Thank you for a such detail help.


                               I have already update FRUSDR to latest ver.And my 7520bd2 is a DDR2-400 kit with eight DIMMs.But the bios (*Build Date:*2/26/2006*, Version:* 9)
                        is only for 7520BD2 with six  DDR266-333 dimms.They are different motherbroad.And I think the bios is also different.

                        • 9. Re: Intel SE7520BD2
                          Javed Lodhi

                          Dear Turismo,

                          My friend, you should have then mentioned this at the start of the post

                          Yes, SE7520BD2 motherboard comes in two different types i.e. DDR and DDR2. When you simply say SE7520BD2, it is assumed that you are talking about DDR SE7520BD2 motherboard with 6DIMMs for it comes with 3 different product codes (SE7520BD2, SE7520VD2SCSI, SE7520BD2V).

                          As for the one you have, with 8 DIMM slots is a DDR2 motherboard which comes with 3 different product codes (SE7520BD2SATAD2, SE7520VD2SCSID2, SE7520BD2V2).) depending on type i.e. SCSI, SATA

                          However both the DDR and DDR2 motherboards are based on E7520 chipset and has the same download center. I am posting you the URL to the download center for SE7520BD2 (DDR and DDR2 both) from where you can download the BIOS however as you mentioned that you have version 9, you already have the updated version. So I believe the only glitch is that perhaps you are unable to properly fine-tune the BIOS option for acoustic control and do the power recycle.

                          Try the the settings I briefed earlier on BIOS i.e. Closed Loop


                          Warm Regards,

                          Javed Lodhi

                          Intel Go Green, Save The Environment!

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                                 I am sorry.My english is not good.But I have said that i have the same broad 7520BD2-DDR2 in the post yet

                            My bios is version 3 not version 9,beacuse 7520BD2-DDR2 usr different bios with 7520BD2-DDR.And the version 3 is the latest bios of 7520BD2-DDR2.

                            And  there is no option for acoustic control in my bios.

                            • 11. Re: Intel SE7520BD2 Fan Spinning Loud

                              Hi there,

                              First of all before doing any update:
                              Make sure you identify your board correctly.

                              From the website, if you have a pba number starting with Cxxxxx then it must be the ddr266/333 else Dxxxxxx will be the ddr2-400 board.


                              Now when the fan are spinning too loud, it can be due to:
                              1. Wrong system fans are connected on the board.
                              2. Incompatible chassis and wrongly configured SDR.
                              3. Compatible chassis with a wrongly configured SDR
                              4. Bios Settings wrongly configured.


                              I will personally try to check if the chassis is on the compatibility list and the system fan headers are correctly connected and then update the following:
                              The recommended upgrade method, if not updating a hot-swap controller (HSC), is:
                              Reboot, and verify BIOS settings

                              The recommended method with an HSC(backplane) is:
                              Reboot, and verify BIOS settings.

                              After the update of these firmware, i will go onto the bios and Advanced, System Acoustic and Performance Configuration, Throttling Mode set to Open Loop, Set fan profile as Acoustic and Altitude set 300 or less.

                              Other than this, next steps will be to verify the sel log and verify the release notes of the firmware if there is anything mentionned.

                              Hope these are useful,



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