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    DX58SO2 + i7 980X + Dominator GT 6GB DDR3 2000 Mhz = total disaster!




      I got my new board and other items from scan, upgrade from SX58SO and i7 950.




      1) I tried to use XMP Profile in memory settings system reboot countless times. But when I select automatic it works fine but on less frequency/speed.


      2) When I set XMP profile for memory processor frequencies changed automatically and system won't boot. And after few min shows post error to set bios again


      3) Biggest issue... It wont boot from SATA port 0 (intel one) always going on the marvell controller. I installed Windows on my SSD which is on Intel controller and now I am unable to boot from it and showing error that boot device not present, but once I disable it from bios it works fine. I select boot order and drive order but still it goes on that controller first no matter what.


      The new board is totall shambolic and failed to deliver solid performance and error free like DX58SO...


      Can anyone help me regarding above issues.


      I want to run my memory on XMP-2000 profile otherwise it is waste of money if it will not work!

      I want my SDD to boot from intel controller not the other one.

      Please release an update bios ASAP to resolve post errors and boot issues when XMP selected and if we change processor settings.

      What is the max speed memory we can run on this board?


      My memory is 2 x CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 - 6GB(3x2GB) Corsair DominatorGT, DDR3 PC3-16000(2000), CAS 8-9-8-24, DHX, XMP, DF II, Connector,1.65V



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