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    D975XBX2kr PCI Express & GPU compatibility inquiry


      Hi there everyone,



      I've been gaming for quite some time now and I recently been  experiencing issues with my Gaming Rig. I'm currently on the diagnostics  stage. So far tests show that the source of my problem might be my GPU.  I have a 2.75 year-old eVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB DDR3 PCI-Express  installed on my Intel D975XBX2KR Socket 775 ATX Motherboard. If you look  @ it's TechProdSpec sheet, you'll notice it's a PCI Express 1.x x16  (electrical x16 or x8) bus add-in card connector. PCI Express 1.x  GPUs seem to be no longer available.


      So here's my inquiry:


      I need to know (and be certain) if PCI Express 2.0  and/or 2.1 GPUs are fully backward compatible with my current  PCIe 1.x motherboard.



      • If the answer is NO: Well, that's too bad. Guess I'll have to start saving for my next Gaming Rig built.
      • If the answer is YES: Great! I would really appreciate if you can advise of some GPUs models to replace my old 8800 GTS 512MB.


      Please have the following in mind:



      • GPU usage: HD Video, Hardcore Online HD Gaming.
      • Budget: up to $275 USD.
      • Supported tech: DirectX 10 and/or DirectX 11 compatible. Not interested in SLI (my Motherboard doesn't support it) or CrossFire.
      • Concerns: I don't mind noise but heat is a big concern.


      Since system specifications are important, you can find my Gaming Rig's specs below.



      All your help is most appreciated. Cheers!




      My Gaming Rig


      Intel D975XBX2KR Socket 775 ATX

      Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2.40 GHz, 8M L2 Cache

      Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound

      Zalman CNPS9700LED Ultra Quiet Cpu Cooler

      Corsair DHX 4 GB (2 X 2 GB) 240-pin DDR2 800MHz Dual Channel Memory Kit

      eVGA e-GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB DDR3 PCI-Express

      Western Digital 300 GB VelociRaptor SATA 10,000 RPM 16 MB Cache WD3000GLFSRTL

      Western Digital WD5000KSRTL/WD5000AAKS Caviar 500 GB SATA Hard Drive x2

      Thermaltake W0116RU Toughpower 750W Power Supply with Active PFC

      Lite-On SATA 20x LightScribe Internal DVD/Dual Layer RW Drive (LH20A1L06)

      Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard (PK02AU)

      Logitech G9 Laser Mouse

      Creative Labs EF0210 Fatal1ty USB Gaming Headset with Sound Blaster X-Fi Technology (Black)

      NZXT Lexa CS-NT-LEXA-BLR BlackLine Black Steel Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

      DELL E228WFP 22"

      Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit Service Pack 2




      P.S. INTEL Forum noobie here: Am I posting on the right forum? Please advise.