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    Intel Core i7 950 Problem with Mhz




      That's normal Core Speed in i7 950 ?



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          Yes it is normal. You have Intel Speed Step enable in the Bios.That means your processor drops its clock when is adling to conserve power.

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            hi, i may have the same issue, i'll just run down everythiing i can think off, i once in a while use easy tune 6 from gigabyte to OC the cpu and or the graphics. recently i brought everything back to default and i noticed something peculiar. the CPU clock is stuck at 3.2 ghz with a multiplier of 24 and bus speed of 134.9 mhz according to CPUz. im well aware that my defaults should be at 3.07 ghz.


            ive tried clicking the "default" tab on easy tune 6 again but still no change on values. and i dont want to get in the bios with out being sure of anything because im quite the novice and this is the first custom rig that i assembled.




            gigabyte X58A-UD7 rev 2.0 motherboard

            intel i7-950 revision D0

            mushkin 12 gigs 12800

            gigabyte gtx 460 1gig


            thank you and im sorry for stealing the thread.