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    Slow disk performance on intel server help..




      I have an intel SR1530HSH server and i have some problems with the drive performance.


      It has a E5400 Dual core CPU and 4 Gbyte of ram. (Both old and new config).


      Have been running it for a couple of years with this disk configuration.


      3 pcs Seagate 7200,10  250 Gbyte drives, windows 2003 server and latest drivers for that operating system in a normal Raid 5 configuration.


      Performance with that config was satisfactory at about 120 Mbyte read and write also acceptable but cannot remember what it was.


      I wished for and got 3 new larger disks for christmas and have upgraded the server as follows.


      3 pcs Seagate 7200.12  1 Tb drives and windows server 2008R2 ... Also in a similar standard Raid 5 config (64Kbit stripe size)


      When the install of operating system was finished i installed latest IRST version from the intel site and the latest intel Sata raid controller drivers (, restarted the computer and started the initialize process. This process took a whopping 7 days to complete.


      After it finished i found out that i should enable write cache and this improved the speed somewhat (I have a SMART-UPS) but still my performance is rubbish.


      Here is a link to the ATTO bench i have run on the server with write cache enabled.



      And here are 2 links to the raid itself and one of the discs as IRST sees them. Only difference when selectning disc 1,2 and 3 is serial number, all other info is identical..




      So can anyone give me any clues as to why 3 older 250 Gbyte discs and server 2003 gives me more performance than 3 new 1 Gbyte drives on server 2008R2


      PS. When running the benchmarks i have discovered that the server seems to be hammering disc 3 but disc 1 and 2 are accessed much less judging by the status led on the hdd-drawers..


      I have read numerous posts about people telling other people that software raid is rubbish and so on but i would have expected atleast on-par performance with these new discs and the old ones so i dont think it is just because raid 5 apparantly is rubbish as software-raid...


      Thanks in advance for any tips and tricks to help me get better performance.. As it is now one of these discs would perform better as a standalone drive..


      Henrik Madsen