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    DH55TC mobo pre and after POst single beeps


      I'm a system integrator but new to DH55TC mobo.  CPU is i3-550 and memory Kingston 4x2GB. One 500GB Segate SATA ACHI mode.

      First beep is prior to Intel splash screen when there is no post codes present and other beep after last post code when screen goes black before Windows startup screen. I  already checked disconnecting HDD, keyboard, mouse, Lan, display but no change. Now running Memtest86+ .


      I upgraded BIOS from factory 037 to latest 040.

      Any ideas?


      BTW Yesterday my task was to gather new DG41CN E3400 CPU and there was similar behavior which stopped after BIOS update. But the hardware was totally different and I can't see anything common at this end.

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          PS. Windows 7 64 bit installation seems normal but beeps are also without HDD, so these can't be ops system dependent.

          There isn't listed any Beep command in POST table, so these beeps are alerts and not normal.

          Mem test revealed that there doesn't seem to be any memory issue.

          Network boot has been disabled.

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            The question is still without reply and the PC is waiting it's verdict.

            I obtained a POST tester but there is not help with it.

            The first beep occurs between 60 and following 5E and second beep when there is 90 on display second time. and following is final POST 00

            Any of the 3 codes doesn't seem to be mentioned in motherboard user manual.


            I obtained and changed also memory to different type. Replaced USB keyboard.

            Updated BIOS from 040 to 044, but no changes.