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    ICH10 Family  SMBus controller latency Problem




      I have a big problem with latency with drivers on my win7 64


      The latency goes threw the roof on boot and stays there.

      I have disabled everything and used startup diagonstics to load just the syatem drivers.

      But the only thing that will carm the latency down some what is the SMBus controller if i disable this the latency really goes down but still way to much over head in the latency.


      I do not know where to go from here to fix the problem I have the newest drivers on my system  for the SMBus I have v1.0.0.2  which was made 08/06/2010.

      I get latency with the driver every 3 or 4 seconds.


      But if I enable the SMBus again the resources are not enabled because it say it had a problem.


      Before I disable the SMBus in device manager.




      After I disable the SMBus in device manager.



      As you can see there is a major differance in the results of the driver latency but not a fix for the real problem and how to find what is causing the problem.


      Does anyoe have any idea what to do next, I have not touched the Bios settings to see if they make a difference because ,I do not want to mess about with the bios and make thing worse,I have a  EX58-UD5 v1 board been out 2 years now so should not be suffering from bad drivers or bios really.