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    DP35DP slow Bios Boot


      I've  DP35DP Media Series, Phisical Memory 2048MB, Porcessor Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 2cores.

      the problem is that the Bios booting time takes 2-3 min. to show the Intel Logo or to let me enter to the Bios !!

      after updated the Bios to the latest(update 15/07/2009) it worked well for few days then back to be very slow again.

      any suggetions?

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          I got 2 x dp35dp which both are very slow booting once in a while. I have to turn tho power completely off for some minutes and wait until I turn it on again.

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            Hello RigPa,


            Bear in mind that the motherboard you have is quite old, which may have a performance loss because of the lifetime, however you can try doing a clear CMOS, which will clean up the data that is stored on the BIOS chip (embedded on the motherboard). Follow the steps below to do the clear CMOS process:


            • Shut the system down.
            • Disconnect the AC power.
            • Remove the CMOS Battery from the CMOS.
            • Wait for 15-30 minutes without the battery on the motherboard
            • Refit the battery.
            • Reconnect the AC power

            Hopefully the recommended step will resolve your issue.

            If you have more questions please let me know.

            Warm regards,