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    Brand New i3 550 3.2 no boot



      I have just brought a load of PC components to create a new PC.

      Included in the components is a brand new i3 550 3.2


      I have installed with the following:


      Motherboard:            Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3 Motherboard

      CPU          :             i3 550 3,2

      RAM         :              2 x 2 GB sticks of DDR3 OCZ 1333Mhz

      Heatsink    :             Zalman CNPS10X Flex (fanless) (suitable for i3)

      PSU          :             Coolmaster GX650

      Monitor      :             Known working VGA

      Keyboard   :             Old type (non USB).


      Now, when I installed the CPU. I made sure I was extra careful.

      I also examined the socket (1156) for any damage before I placed the CPU in the socket.

      I know for sure that it wasn't damaged. So I am pretty sure that the problem isn't caused by

      a damaged socket.


      The CPU was fitted correctly. with triangles matching etc.


      Now, when I attempt to boot into BIOS the PC does not boot.

      Not even into BIOS.

      And the PC just keeps rebooting itself with no activity on the VGA.


      To make sure that their is no shorts caused by poor qaulity enclosure design.

      I have intiailly placed the Mother board on a cardboard surface which is placed on a wooden work surface.



      I am having no luck booting this PC into BIOS or anywhere else.

      and have not been able to get the PC to install any Operating System. Not even Ubuntu from a live CD etc.

      As not able to get to BIOS let alone any further.


      Now, I am pretty sure that the problem isn't the socket on the Motherboard, and think that it is unlikely that the motherboard is the problem as this is the second Brand New exact same model motherboard that I have tried to boot up.


      I am also pretty sure that the problem isn't the power supply. I know that it was brand new when I brought it as it arrived in heat sealed plastic.


      Now, I am wondering if the cause for the rebooting is because of a damaged CPU?

      Please can some one from Intel support advise me as to whether this ever happens?


      Just out of interest.

      I brought the components from Overclockers Co UK.


      Please help.


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          Not to be a Nerb , But did you check the compatability of the board and the CPU ???

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            Thanks for the comment.


            Just to confirm. Yes, before buy the motherboard I made sure that the CPU was compatible with the Motherboard.

            Actually, pretty much the same configuration as some of last year Apple Mac's.

            Which run OS X., which as you may know, is more specific about the hardware that it uses.


            An update of my situation. Which I am posting for anyone who may have the same problem with the same hardware.


            After speaking to a very kind man at the UK Gigabyte Support Forum, (Dark Mantis)

            He advised that it could be possible that during factory testing the hardware configuration was stored in the BIOS.

            Which would cause the PC to reboot if the hardware configuration of my new components was different to that of the original testing configuration.


            He then advised me to reset the BIOS settings on the GIGABYTE Motherboard by following these directions:


            1> Unplug the PSU.

            2> Pressing the PSU ON button for a few seconds in order to disipate any electrical energy stored.

            3> Taking out the CMOS battery, and leaving out for at least 10 minutes.

            4> Placing a reset Jumper or even a screwdriver on the 2 CMOS reset terminals for a couple of seconds (see manual for directions. Also, marked on motherboard).

            5> Return the CMOS battery into its slot.

            6> Press Delete on the Keyboard and Start up the PC.

            7> This should then make the PC start into the BIOS menu, where you can configure the BIOS to meet your tailored configuration.


            I followed his directions and after some perservearance, it worked and I was able to configure the BIOS to boot up off a USB DVD ROM which I used to install Windows Vista.


            Now, I am sure that these directions will not work for all motherboards, however, I would imagine that the principle may well help many who are in a similar position.


            Certainly, resetting the BIOS in this manner and booting straight into the BIOS menu is probably the best advise for those who are encountering intial booting problems on first boot after building a brand new system.


            Anyway, thanks to everyone who read my plea for help, thanks for your time and effort.


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              Just like to update.


              Basically, after a number of hours testing and trying out things I worked out that one of the RAM sticks is BAD,

              so I have sent back the RAM sticks and have brought an alternative brand.


              Bad quality control for the OCZ RAM manufacturer!

              Shame on you!


              I think that when people send out faulty components

              they should have to pay compensation for all the stress they cause!

              That or have to pay for the valium.



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                Not to be Brand specfic but some guys play better with others , with INTEL products I stick to Cousair.

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                  Thanks for the advice.


                  I heard from one of the other manufacturers (of components) that OCZ has a bit of a bad reputation lately for sending out BAD modules.

                  Real shame as the experience has turned me off for life! The amount of stress that module has caused over the christmas period you would not believe!

                  I know that the OCZ brand make loads of other things such as SSD's and are also known for their reasonablly priced fast RAM, however, after getting a bad module, I now have decided never to buy any more OCZ components ever again.


                  Perhaps I was just unlucky, but I have been buying computers and computer components for years and I have never had such a bad experience due to brand new components. It simply never used to happen. But, I guess that was during the old days when the economy wasn't so turbulent.


                  Perhaps I was just unlucky. Still. I am not a gamer and although I want my system to be fast, I do not want to sacrifice its stability.

                  I certainly wont cut corners in future in order to boost my system a little.

                  Sorry OCZ.