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    DH57DD Mainboard - RAID not functional


      Hi folks,


      just get MB DH57DD and want it use as base for networkmedia and storage => therefore i intend to use Raid 5 with 4x2TB WD


      Problem: RAID is not functional


      Following task i went trough:


      - Bios Release JGIBX10J.086.0396

      - Activate SATA Option RAID

      - Activate CTRL-I Menu and install Raid 5 on Bios bootup

      so far so good, but


      =>CTRL-I Manager told me, that this is not bootable

      =>Boot Option told me, there is no Harddisk

      =>Setup Windows 7 x64 and using x64 driver from MB CD=>setup shows me one HDD with 5,9 TB, but warns me that WIN7 cannot be installed in this drive, because it is not bootable, cause of missing BIOS feature


      =>reset/delete Raid to get solo hdd's


      Upgrading to latest BIOS release 086.601

      - Activate SATA Option RAID

      - Activate CTRL-I Menu

      - now Boot Option show me HDD useable

      - CTRL -I Manager do not show up on bootup, therefore I cannot install RAID 5

      =>Setup WIN7 x64 and using x64 driver from MB CD => setup shows me two HDD's, one with about ~2,4TB, the other with ~3,5TB and both not bootable


      any hints?

      have a nice day


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          Read Microsoft Article ID # 323434 , Maybe this will help.

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            I solved it in my own way


            1. It seems that with Raid Function turned on and all HDD's in RAID, the Chipset is not bootable => currently i found no clarification, exept you leave at least 1 HDD out of RAID.

            2. It seems that with Raid Function turned on, sometimes the CTRL-I Manager is not capable


            What steps are necessary for my config?


            1. Graded down Bios from 601 to 537 => problems with CTRL-I are gone

            2. Switch SATA config to RAID => build Raid5 with 4x 2TB and 1x 2TB with no-member disk

            3. Do normal setup WIN7 64 with driver x64 from Intel MB CD AHCI driver, setup recognizes 1HDD 2TB => make partition and install WIN7

            4. Full install of MB CD utils Intel=> Matrix Storage Manager => do initialize on RAID 5  5,7TB.


            Machine is running fine, exept i missed 1 SATA port => 4 for the Raid + 1 for Boot drive + 1 for SATA DVD Burner, but there are only 5 ports available => need to install a PCIe SATA 2 port card.


            Initialising of RAID now runs for 36 hours and has about 75% done, I'm waiting for first Crystal Disk Mark .


            What are the benefits?

            - solution is very cheap

            - designed for network storage and media playing, using an intel i3 needs only memory chips and thing is running


            What is gone wrong?

            - RAID only is not bootable, therefore if you want to use  4HDD's + 1 bootdrive => 1 SATA slot is missing for DVD/Bluray


            for all guys thinking about microsoft striping, combine volumes and so on, forget it, we talk here about a cheap hardware raid=> this means OS recognizes the RAID as one big drive without any special software and management is not done by OS!!! it is done by the RAID Controller. Therefore the solution from Intel is not a classical one, cause a few functions are mixed up in the chipset,one of them is raid functionality, and not on an extra card with his own cpu, but we talk about a cheap solution.


            best regards


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              I bought a new WD 2TB hdd (WD20EARS) ... this disk does not get detected at all in the bios ... can you suggest anything here .. plz.


              thanks & regards