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    UK support requested


      Had a couple of Live Chat sessions that got me nowhere. My problem (D510MO motherboard, unable to boot from USB stick, after BIOS upgrade to V501 firmware - and unable to revert / BIOS Recovery for the same reason!) has been more than adequately covered in these 2 threads:





      Live Chat folks will not refer to Intel Communities threads (so they tell me). Final communication with them went like this:


      Live Chat bloke: I will suggest contacting your local support group for further assistance on this matter
      Me: Who do you mean by my 'local support group'?
      Live Chat bloke: the place of purchase or the closest Intel(R) representative


      Can anyone suggest who "closest Intel(R) representative" might be in the UK? (Board supplier seems to have disappeared...)


      Else it looks like UKP60 worth of 9-month old board goes in the bin, and I'm not recommending Intel for any consumer product! (Although, I'm sure - I know - Professional Support is excellent.)


      Cheers, Jon