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    'Problem applying profile' - Cisco CKIP/LEAP


      Hello All,


      I am trying to develop a enterprise wide profile for our WLAN as all our sites have a WLAN with the same SSID, encryption, password etc.  As we are deploying new hardware across the board all the laptops will be using the Intel Centrino Advanced N 6200 AGN Wifi chip (Dell Laititude e4310).


      All the laptops will be installed with the Intel Proset/Wireless Wifi Software 13.4.2010.0.  All client OS's will be Windows 7 x64.


      I am building the wireless profile using the Intel ProSet Wireless Administrator tool (13.4.2010.0).  During testing the settings profile gets applied with no problems, any settings I have changed for the Proset Wireless software are changed, The new WLAN connection profile is created, but whenever I try to use it I get the infamous 'problem applying profile' error.


      Creating a new profile manually and connecting to a different WLAN which uses a different SSID, encryption etc works fine.  Re-creating a test WLAN connection profile with the same settings (but a different profile name) as that of the administration tool deployed profile also results in the error message 'Problem applying profile'.


      The connection profile settings are as follows (SSID, user name and password are not what we are using, but that should not matter for this issue):


      SSID = xxxxx
      Network Infrastructure
      Connect even if SSID not broadcasting = Yes

      Enterprise Security
      Network Authentication = Open
      Data Encryption = CKIP
      Enable 802.1x = Yes
      Authentication = LEAP
      Username = xxxx
      Domain = [left blank]
      Password = yyyy


      To rule out it being something stupid (i.e. I have been given the wrong configuration or the wrong password etc) I created the exact same profile on a Latitidue D620 running Windows XP (inc SP3) which is using the Wirless Proset software, this model laptop uses a Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG wireless chip and is using the wireless driver version from Intel.  A profile created with the above settings on this test laptop works fine reporting no problems.


      Does anybody have any idea what could be the cause of the 'Problem applying profile', is it OS, driver of Wireless software related?  I hear mutterings that you have to install additional software to get CKIP working as it is a Cisco only encryption, is this the case for Windows 7 and more importantly is it available for Windows 7?


      Thanks in advance.

      Gary Hall.