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    CMOS Battery



      i m facing problem with CMOS battery....when i switch on my computer it says 'CMOS time not setup' even after i change the CMOS battery....

      is there any one to resolve this issue

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          One way is to go to the bios and change the time and date. Another is to right click the date/time in the taskbar and selecting the set the date/time option.

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            Thanks for your suggestion......

            but i tried updating the date and time every time i boot my system the way you have mentioned(in bios method and in taskbar method)......i couldn't find out what really is the problem is.......

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              Please have it checked with a technician; below mentioned are the possibilities
              1)     Clear the event log and change the battery
              2)     Check the grounding – it should be less than 5V
              3)     Change the Power supply 
              4)      it can be due to socket got damaged also

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                Thanks for your valuable information

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                  Try going to your bios and jot down all custom settings that you have made. Shut down the computer. Remove power. Open the case and remove the CMOS battery. Check the voltage with a voltmeter. It should be more or less 3.3 V. Put back if checked ok. Restore power. Boot up to bios and press F9 to put settings to default. Then manually set the bios according to your notes made earlier. Set the time and date. Save and exit.

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                    The battery type is a CR2015, so that is the replacement battery. (FYI- it is lithium).

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                      hasHi  Kuyatsushiro6,


                      The battery had been replaced. See 1st thread. I am suggesting that the replacement be checked and see if it is a good one. That is just double checking. FYI the author have a problem of date/time setting due to the orignal battery being defective and has remain even after the replacement.